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The Vulnerable and Sharp Sides of Dash Machete

A Conversation with Dash Machete, by Manh Ngyuen

Dash Machete in her own introducing words:

Dash Machete is a Haitian rapper, singer and songwriter. Dash grew up in Brooklyn and moved around a lot growing up. As her introductory foray into the world of digital releases, she released her debut single “Be Nice” in 2016. Dash’s whimsical way of playing with sound and melody creatively takes form as a play on culture and accent turns captivating. Her sound evokes names like Kelis, Lauryn Hill, Fergie, and Gwen Stephani. Her debut project “Jigsaw EP” a mere introduction to what Dash Machete has to come.

Manh Nguyen for Queens of Hip Hop (MN): What is your self-chosen pronoun?

Dash Machete (DM): I would say “she” and "her".

MN: Describe yourself in self-chosen words.

DM: sharp, intelligent, confident 

MN: What are you looking for in life?

DM: In life, I look to freely express myself, to relate to others, to provide and bring value to others, and leave a legacy. Also do something good for the planet. 

MN: What is freedom to you?

DM: Freedom is not feeling judged, to feel safe. After high school (in Brockton Massachusetts) I moved back to New York to pursue music but the family members I moved in with didn’t really agree with my career choice. I felt like I had to hide when writing songs. Now that I live alone, I feel a lot more free. Freedom comes in many different forms, but that’s a type of freedom.

MN: What do people misjudge you the most about?

DM: That I’m soft, don’t get me wrong I am at times... but I do have a fierce side. 

MN: Why Hip-Hop music?

DM: I grew up around hip-hop music. When I was in grade school I would go straight home after school just to listen to the radio (I didn’t care for tv), I would listen To Funk Master Flex on hot97 religiously. And then late at night is when they would play new music. My mom would have to come ask me to go to bed (when it was bedtime) because I didn’t want to turn off the radio. 

MN: What does self-expression mean to you?

DM: Being unapologetically yourself. No matter what. I express myself a lot through fashion as well as my music. 

MN: For people who don't know your music yet: Which of your songs would you suggest to them? Why?

DM: I highly recommend listening to “Pieces”, and of course “Welcome” which dropped the 6thof May!! Pieces shows the more vulnerable side of me (Dash) and Welcome shows my sharp side (Machete) 

MN: What are your upcoming projects?

DM: I like the element of surprise.

MN: Can you spontaneously spit a bar for Queens* of Hip Hop?

DM: Haha. Sure!

MN: What is your future vision for women* and LGBTIQ*-people in Hip Hop-Music?

DM: I really like this time in hip hop because there are so many talented female acts killing it! So I see women in hip hop continuing to support each other. 


Dash Machete has released her new single “Welcome” on the 6th of May 2019!

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Photos by Malik Frank


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